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Top Six Customs And Traditions In China

The Chinese Civilization

China is one of the most ancient civilizations in history it is more than 5,000 years old and home to various ancient philosophies, traditions and customs, all of which are reflected in the vibrant architecture. Today, contemporary China still tries to embrace the Chinese culture but with a modern perspective. 

Heritage of China

As mentioned before the Chinese heritage is filled with stories of the past that echo through the ancient land and walls of the city. Few of the many rich heritages of Chinese customs and traditions are Imperial Palace of Ming and Qing and the Forbidden palace city, the Shenyang Imperial Palace, etc. 

Chinese philosophy and religion

There are diverse philosophies and religion that influence this ancient Country. The three main religions are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Buddhism was one of the most influential philosophies to prevail, and believes in self-emancipation. 

Customary Chinese arts

The Chinese customs and traditions are not ignorant to the culture of arts like, Folk Dance. Folk dance dates back to ancient imperial civilization. One of the most ancient performing arts is Folk dance that dates back to 4th BC. It is considered a primitive art form and a superstitious ritual for good harvest or good hunting. 

Chinese festivals

One of the most popular traditions and customs for which china is known for are festivals. One of the many festivals is Chinese Spring Festival. The Chinese spring festival is also known as the lantern festival and New Year for china. This occurs on February the 16th and is celebrated for 15 days. It symbolizes luck, prosperity and celebration of hard work. Fireworks, distributing red envelopes as a form of best wishes No celebration is complete without food like fish is believed to be good luck it symbolizes prosperity in wealth.  

Chinese symbols

One of the many symbols denoting china is the Chinese Dragon. The Chinese dragon is a symbol of power. The emperors were considered the sons of the dragons and it is the 12th zodiac sign of Chinese horoscope. 

Chinese language, food and other customs

Chinese language and dialect is quite diverse but is famous for its quotes like “a friend to everybody is a friend to nobody” and many more, etc. Few other customs are avoid wearing shoes inside the house, respect the eldest family member, avoid buying bad luck gifts like, umbrella and bad lucks comes with improper use of the chopsticks. Few famous customary dishes are Ramen, duck roast, Dim sums, sweet rice balls and sushi. Happy travelling! The Ultimate Kaiser™

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