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Indulge In Tajima Steak And Have A Magical Experience In Old Fashioned Kinosaki Onsen

Historical journey to Kinosaki Onsen

If you wish to have a truly enchanting experience in Japan, you must visit the town Kinosaki Onsen, a 1400-year old city that is rich in its beauty, history and culture. A tour to such a place will truly inspire you and give you a sense of peace like you have never experienced before

Experiencing the customs at Ryokan Inn

If you are visiting this ancient beauty you must experience the Ryokan Inn and the famous 7 public hot springs that are called ‘Soto Yu’ (Outside hot water). This 150-year old Japanese inn allows a historical, cultural and luxurious bliss all at the same time. You can unwind and wear a ‘Yikota’ (Cotton kimono) a customary dress of the Kimono Onsen. You get to sleep on straw mats and get a panoramic view of the glorious lakes and gardens.

Mesmerizing hot springs

It is the most traditional and transcendent journey in the public springs where you will witness hospitality and concept of family and unity. 2 of the many Hot springs are ‘Sato Nay’ and ‘Ichi no yu’. If you are one of the shy kinds of people, the Ryokan inn does not only provide Japanese customary experience but also a luxurious personal hot spring for you to enjoy.

Mystical night at Kinosaki Onsen

The most magical experience is during the evening when you can stroll in your kimono over the Taiko stone bridge and hear the Zen sound of the Daikei River streaming underneath it with orange lantern gleaming everywhere.

Savoring Tajima steak

To top it all of you can have the most religious experience by getting a taste of the Kimono onsen’s special cuisine Tajima Steak that come in various styles and form. The flavors of the special red meat, Kobe Meat and mouth melting palatable texture complements well with the wine and the Curry rice. If are the dish is presented alongside Miso soup and a dessert. It becomes the most decadent food experience.

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