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7 Ways to Conserve Water in Singapore

Climate change and pollution of water because of unregulated industrial development have led to shortage of water supply in Singapore. Clean water is becoming costly and is not affordable for Singapore. In addition, the climate change and dry weather does not help the situation.

It is for this reason that many have attempted to reduce the cost and come up with solutions to conserve water and make Singapore water independent. 

1. Desalination of water

This process separates the minerals, salts, and other nutritional contents of water from all the harmful agents present in our water. The process was successful and worked effectively in cleaning water. However, the process of desalination is generally costly.

2. NEWater Method

This method relies on advance membrane technology. By using ultraviolet radiation to disinfect water, and make it clean, and safe to drink. It has become one of the most cost effective and productive methods of sustaining a fresh supply of drinking water in Singapore. Today, the reservoirs of Singapore rely on NEWater to maintain the supply of clean water. Today Singapore uses it for additional purposes as well, like air cooling, commercial and industrial needs and water plants, etc. 

3. Creating awareness

The PUB (Public utilities board) joined forces with research development to promote NEWater. It is still creating education and awareness in schools and other institution through social and other forms of medium. It educates you about how to save the ration of water at school, in addition to many other guides to deal with water shortage. 

4. Meter reading of water

Monitor the water meter and calculate the amount of water being used and make plans on how it can be cut down. Implementing water conservation and take a follow-up of the Water meter to observe the quantity of water that has been saved. Monitor the bills as well to control be aware of the spending of water.

5. Using less water

Use bucket of water to wash car once a week and use a sprinkler can to water the land or plants during evening, to make sure the soil stays damp for longer time. Wait for laundry to bundle up over the week and then wash a load full of clothes once a week. 

6. Using a bucket

Use a bucket to fill up the bucket while taking a shower, cleaning cars, or watering plants and doing laundry. Use the water to mop floors, wash vegetables and clean dishes depending on the quality of water. Water left after drinking must be poured into the plants.

7. Fixing leaks

Use plaster and other methods to fix leaks and place a thimble in each of the faucet to make sure not a single droplet of water is wasted. 

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