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Growing Green Fingers At Dubai Emirates Garden

Once upon a time, Dubai was a barren desert with no sight of flowers or creature for miles on end. The weather was scorching hot and there were few small houses. The city always had green finger or green thumbs, so it started growing trees. And with the trees came the creatures and a turn of times.

Ethereal architecture

Today we get to visit a city that has cultivated a phenomenon in the middle of an Arabian Ranch. This sensational fairyland was constructed Al Barsh over 72000 sq /m of land with more than 65 million flowers and at least 60 types of fragrant flowers are being nurtured at nurseries inside the miracle garden. These are then planted onto each one of the art work. Akar Landscaping & Agriculture hired 200 gardeners for each art piece. It took 10 hours and 180 days. Sub irrigational system with irrigation drops have been constructed that reuses water and conserves energy and water as well.

Mystical garden

This ethereal mystical wonderland makes you feel as if you have dropped into a fairytale book where everything is colorful, fragrant and shiny. The botanical garden is not only ecologically friendly but filled with beautiful services for all like, theme park and butterfly garden for the children and facilitators for the handicap and so much more. The whole fragrant, colorful garden is like an art exhibition for replica models, sculptures of houses, peacock and windmills etc., the miracle garden is not only promoting art work but also the concept of going green while saving water and energy. Every season, the garden changes its themes to attract the tourist. The floral architecture has wonderful pathways covered with shades of flowers, umbrellas and so much more.

Aromatic food

A visit to anyplace is incomplete without enjoying variety of food under a path of flowers and baskets filled with them. It is like being in a little piece of heaven, where you get to enjoy refreshments, beverages, you get to enjoy the Italian experience of pizza with fresh herbs and devour the mouth- watering Arab customary shawarma. You will experience an eclectic experience of cuisine sitting under the scented flowers and enjoying the landscape while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

Ecological marvel

By creating magic in the desert, it has really revolutionized the weather and the ecological environment in the city of Dubai. With its green fingers the weather has become cooler, more creatures can be observed and the city is also trying to go green by reusing the water and energy in the miracle garden. It has grown its own private nurseries and organic garden that can be bought at reasonable prices. Promoting such an organic and green influence will go a long way in improving the geological climate and ecological changes that are taking place.

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