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Spotlight: Beautiful Botanical Gardens in South Korea

Everyone loves spring, right? If you’re ready for a holiday, and a break from the heat of summer, you may want travel to South Korea where there are many beautiful places to enjoy, and feel the refreshing feeling of spring year-round! When not sharing gastronomic experiences at one of the local dining establishment, we at The Ultimate Kaiser love to immerse ourselves in nearby culture. Like Korea’s greenhouse botanical gardens!

Read on to learn more about them!

  • Changgyeonggung Palace Conservatory: Due to its fairytale-like appearance, Changgyeonggung Palace Conservatory is one of the examples of modern buildings in Korean culture. Plus, the place is blooming with flowers of many kinds as well as bonsais.

  • Seoul Grand Park Greenhouse Botanical Garden: Located in the heart of Seoul Grand Park, this greenhouse botanical garden is a home to indigenous and exotic plants. It’s spread over an area of 2,825 m2 and divided into 4 huge halls that encompass the natural habitat of plants being kept.

  • Gapyeong Ewha Won Nabi Story: Ever visited a greenhouse in the middle of a river? Bet you haven’t! The Gapyeong Ewha Won Nabi Story offers you a unique experience with a sight of thatch-roofed houses and a different type of Korean garden at each step. Moreover, the Butterfly Eco Centre is a bonus to elevate your sense of nature

  • Asan Botanical Gardens: The Asan Botanical Gardens offers the viewers a chance to capture the glimpse of floral beauties in form of flower festivals. You can also enjoy hand-on experiences, feed birds in the parrot enclosure, and lose yourself in the wonderful garden maze.

  • Ecorium at the National Institute of Ecology: Visiting this place is like watching two shows in a row. Yes, that’s true! You can now discover more than 1900 plant and 230 animal species from the 5 major climate zones of the world in one place! Awesome, isn’t it?

So, pack your bags and get ready for a floritistic adventure in South Korea with The Ultimate Kaiser!

The Ultimate Kaiser™

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