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Dr. Jane Goodall Inspires Children to Find their Passion

Recently Dr. Jane Goodall spoke to Runanga School students about the launch of the Roots & Shoots campaign, and encouraged children to fight back against chimpanzee and gorilla habitat loss. For those of you who haven’t heard about the Jane Goodall Institute before, let me share a little background about it.

Primatologist and renowned environmental activist is most famous for her work living alongside chimpanzees for several years in Tanzania in her early 20's. Her work led to several important discoveries, including discovering that chimpanzees feel emotions and make and use tools. Eventually Goodall founded the Jane Goodall Institute in order to fully dedicate herself and all of her resources to wildlife research and the education of young people. One of its main programs is Roots & Shoots. Its purpose is to educate people and help the younger generation care more about the environment and the future of our world.

Several different programs within Roots & Shoots, like the Hong Kong Beach Clean-up and Save the Gibbon, have helped the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute become successful amongst young people and students. Dr. Goodall’s own passion and love for nature is surely transmitting to young minds who want to make a difference and help the planet and all the creatures on it.

Wherever you are, you can show your support with a number of ways that will be much appreciated by this foundation. If your children are in Hong Kong, there is no greater way to improve their nature- awareness and help them do something unique that will inspire all of their lives. Even adults can participate, by simply filling in the online form. All you have to do is visit the official Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong website and find a way to contribute to this great cause in your own way.

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