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China: Environmental Protection Leader - Jane Goodall Foundation

As per my previous blog posts, you are most likely fully aware of who Dr. Jane Goodall is, what she stands for, and the tremendous, noble acts she has accomplished in the past five decades in order to promote and raise awareness on topics of saving endangered species as well as improving the standard of life in the local communities that take on the responsibility to protect and serve those very species.

With the United States pulling out of the Paris agreement, China and India have emerged as the new protectors of the planet. They are constantly taking steps forward to improving all sectors of their economy in order to benefit the most of the environment. Skeptics still mention that the population of Beijing, for example, cannot view the sunrise and the sunset due to the tremendous amount of smog, which is, in fact, true, however, the fact that the country’s administration is investing billions of dollars to change that is a step in the right direction. It is important to be thankful for every positive action.

Dr. Goodall says that "China has made many steps forward, there's an enormous amount of environmental protection going on in China, there are people studying all sorts of different animals, giant pandas are off the endangered species list, so yes, China has made major steps forward."

The only way to eradicate harmful environmental views from the global public is through education and raising awareness. The Jane Goodall Institute fights for all of the above, but nothing can be achieved without your support. Showing your support means a great deal to us, keeps us motivated knowing that there are people who believe in us and enable us to continue our march against the harmful activities impacting the environment and with it all living creatures on the planet.

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