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A Message of Hope from Dr. Jane Goodall

In terms of saving the world, The Ultimate Kaiser™ personally believes that everyone should help. This message was also delivered by the prominent environmental activist and primatologist, Jane Goodall. Dr. Goodall is known for her work with chimpanzees, having spent several years living with the species when she was just in her 20s. The work of Goodall is the foundation of the Jane Goodall Institute, resulting in numerous discoveries such as the ability of chimpanzees to create and utilize tools. They also discovered that the chimpanzees have the capacity to express their emotions like humans. Goodall, now 83 years old, has definitely seen a lot of things throughout her global journey, and she believes that there are always more things to see.

Staying Hopeful and Positive About Our Future

In spite of several difficult issues that we are currently facing today, Goodall remains hopeful and positive about our future. During her recent conference, Goodall had several people approach, sharing that they decided to change their lifestyle after hearing her words. This only shows that people do care about the fate of our world. Goodall further stated that she had witnessed a significant change over these past few years. However, she also reiterated that the path towards victory is still blurry.

Goodall believes that it is not yet too late for our planet and its inhabitants as long as we decide to start taking the right actions and incorporate healthy and positive changes in our lives. Perhaps the biggest problem that we are facing today is that people have started to lose their hope and have decided to do nothing since they believe that the impending disaster is inevitable. Nonetheless, once people realize that making choices are important, we will see that it is never too late.

Goodall also stated that one of the biggest hurdles environmentalists are fighting today is the power of money. While some people in the government might agree with her that mining should be stopped or that a dam should not be built in a particular location, the power of money is hard to resist.

She has always managed to use powerful words that resonate to the listeners. She believes humans have the power to do amazing things; they have the power to create mega structures and send rockets out of space. Goodall believes that with the continuous efforts of human to create the right choices, the future of the world will remain bright. Show your support today and let the world know that a kind heart can make a difference, that we can make an impact for the world and all its wonderful occupants!

The Ultimate Kaiser™

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